CHICAGO and all that jazz!

In roaring twenties Chicago, Roxie Hart murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband Amos to take the rap... until he finds out he's been dumped and turns on Roxie. Convicted and sent to death row, Roxie and another "Merry Murderess" Velma Kelly, vie for the spotlight and the headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of the American Dream: fame, fortune, and acquittal.

Directed & Choreographed by Maureen Bowra, this fresh take on the Broadway classic CHICAGO will delight and razzle dazzle. Forget what you've seen on stage or at the cinema, this is an all-new CHICAGO - sassy, gritty, seductive and to die for. It's the show you love presented in a whole new way - you've never seen a CHICAGO quite like this.

Don't miss the musical vaudeville CHICAGO, for a limited time only this May!

Directed & Choreographed by Maureen Bowra

Music Direction by Dennett Hudson

Featuring the students of BAMT's Performance Course and Advanced Musical Theatre Course, including Anna Reynolds, Bea Kelly, Bella Gordon, Cassidy Laffin, Daniel Terribile, Eleanor Grieve, Emily Pell, Jess Thomson, Kate Baxter, Kelsey Todd, Maddy Markham, Mina Aanat, Nathaniel Savy, Olivia Wilkins, Reagan Bowes, Ruby Thompson, Sam Caruana, Sarah Hindle, Shannah Barrish, Shayla Barrett, Tamara Long and Toby Redwood

Presented by BAMT

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