Put the kids on stage these extended holidays!

With school starting back late this year, it really has been the longest school holidays ever! The kids at home are getting restless, and the parents have to get back to work, so it's time to put your child on stage for a holiday experience they will never forget!

If your child loves to perform, put them on stage in the last week of the longest school holidays ever, and join lots of kids at Harvest Rain's Talent Academy who love being dramatic just like them!

The LONGEST SCHOOL HOLIDAYS EVER workshop is or ages 6 - 12 and runs from Monday 31st January - Thursday 3rd February 2022 from 9am - 3pm daily.

Your child will have the best time learning song and dance routines throughout the week-long workshop to be presented in a concert spectacular at the end of the week!

To sign up for this unique holiday performance workshop, CLICK HERE