Announcing Hayward Street's Resident Artists program!

Hayward Street's Resident Artists Program provides opportunity for local performers, musicians, directors, writers, producers, art-makers and creatives to utilise the spaces at Hayward Street for the benefit of developing new ideas, creating new works, showcasing local talent and supporting emerging artists.

Each year, 10 local arts practitioners are selected to take part in the Resident Artists Program, and over the course of the year these artists enjoy the following:

  • free access (pending availability) to studio spaces at Hayward Street during business hours for the purposes of rehearsal/development

  • inclusion on Hayward Street website and social media promoting artists work developed at Hayward Street

  • for performing artists, opportunity to pitch and present work in the performance space as a co-presentation with Hayward Street

  • for visual artists, opportunity to utilise foyer gallery space for showings

  • Invitations to opening nights and VIP events at Hayward Street

  • 20% discount on Hayward Street ticket purchases

  • 20% discount on Hayward Street Star Bar purchases

  • 40% discount on hire of hot desk office space at Hayward Street

  • 40% discount on Hayward Street studio hire outside of business hours

  • 40% discount on Hayward Street costume hire

  • 40% discount on Hayward Street set & prop hire

Resident Artists are selected through a rigorous application process. Applicants must be able to show evidence of prior creative work and outline what they intend to achieve as part of the Resident Artists Program. Outcomes from the program need not be delivered publicly at Hayward Street, however applicants whose development work as part of the program leads to public delivery or display at the venue will be highly considered.

Hayward Street invites applications from artists across all disciplines, including:

  • visual artists

  • singers

  • actors

  • writers

  • dancers

  • directors

  • producers

  • film makers

  • photographers

  • musicians

Hayward Street Theatre is committed to building a creative space that celebrates diversity, access and inclusion. We welcome applications from all members of the wider creative community, and encourage applications from Indigenous Australians, people who are d/Deaf or disabled, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.

To submit an application, click the link below. Applications close at 5pm on 29th April 2022.

To find out more about the Resident Artists program, CLICK HERE